Helping you succeed is my passion!

With the increasing in vitro production, I am for the first time experiencing lacking hours in the day to reply to all your emails with questions about IVP and to visit all your nice laboratories around the world. The hands-on bovine IVF Training courses are selling out almost immediately following their announcement and we have waiting lists.
Hence the creation of this online IVF Universe.

It is my sincere hope that you will benefit from all the tips and tricks, posts and training sessions that are to come. I encourage you to ask questions, debate with your colleagues and give me feedback on the Stroebech Universe Website.

I have consulted with more than 300 IVF laboratories globally to help them get established and/or improve their results. I have visited more than 50 IVF laboratories worldwide and been involved in numerous animal reproduction research projects at Copenhagen University.

Helping you succeed is my passion!

You can join the Universe as a member and get access to tips and tricks, interviews and troubleshooting, and be part of a community engaging in Q&A sessions.

In addition to being a member, you can join online courses and webinars about IVF. Most importantly, you will receive consulting and coaching to become successful, achieving great results and maximising your business potential.
In closing, I owe Dr. Birthe Avery a debt of gratitude. Dr. Avery inspired me to start my career within the field of IVF. She has been with me all the way. A great mentor, supervisor, and above all, my best friend!

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With the right knowledge and training you will experience significantly better results and higher success rates  when you work with Stroebech IVF.

Dr Lotte Stroebech has many years’ experience in training commercial IVP laboratories as well as lecturing in numerous universities worldwide. All that knowledge and experience has now been gathered under the umbrella of Stroebech-IVF Universe. Here you can get online IVF training courses, workshops, webinars and real-time training as well as individual consultancy. 

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As part of your monthly membership, you will get new knowledge with continuous posts, important tips and tricks blogs, IVF talks with Dr Lotte Stroebech and invited guests, and the opportunity to participate in webinars. Most of all – a considerable discount on the online “hands on” bovine IVF training course. 

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The online course is a must for anyone working with IVF. It is as practical hands on as it can be online. I highly recommend to join the website. Proud to have inspired this initiative and see my legacy continue.
Birthe Avery
MD, PhD, DVSc.

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