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Setting up the IVF laboratory

The key factors of setting up an IVF laboratory- and running it from best practice.

Questions & Answers

Read the replies to the most frequently asked questions from IVF labs all around the world

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Are you wasting time measuring pH in your media?

Are you killing your embryos with plastic?


The fear of every IVF laboratory!

Denudation of zygotes after fertilisation

Dish Preparation

Choosing the right volume for drops – or wells

Why you should never aliquot medium?

How to set your incubator CO2 at high altitude

Culture Medium – Sequential vs One Step 

Optimal oxygen concentration for embryo incubation

Min. requirements to your IVF media supplier


Guide to Microscope Alignment


Bovine Embryo Grade & Stage Classification

How to Load IVP Embryos for Transfer


Knowledge worth sharing

As an Academy Member you can look forward to watching conference talks within the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. 

“Emergencies in the IVF lab : Lessons for practitioners and scientists” Dr Stroebech’s talk from the AETE webinar on October 6th, 2021.

“Troubleshooting in IVF lab – based on experience and logic” Dr Stroebech’s keynote speaker presentation at ACE India Academy of Clinical Embryologists with the theme: Creating Healthy Life in vitro. October, 2021.

“Troubleshooting in IVF lab – how it helps in setting SOPs” Dr Stroebech’s workshop presentation at ACE India Academy of Clinical Embryologists with the theme: Creating Healthy Life in vitro, October 2021.


Exclusive guests sharing their knowledge

As an Academy Member you can look forward to interesting videos with exclusive guests who have contributed to the field of bovine IVF. 

Dr. Avery and Dr. Stroebech discuss serum supplementation in media, protocols, temperature and what pitfalls to avoid.

Bovine embryo splitting with reproductive embryology specialist Jane H. Pryor, MS., BS., ATR from Texas.

Dr Avery and Dr  Stroebech discuss the importance of the correct experimental set-up and the hidden sources of contamination to watch out for.

Dr Vahid Najafzadeh demonstrates how to perform an embryo biopsy using the ‘flicking’ technique on bovine IVF embryos.

Dr Vahid Najafzadeh and Dr Lotte Stroebech share results on vitrified biopsied IVF embryos and genomic selection from the Elite Ova project.  

Dr George Siedel talks with Dr Lotte Stroebech about the possibility of using assisted reproductive technology to bring back extinct species. 

Watch Professor Claus Yding Andersen, MSc, DMSc, give a presentation with the title: “Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation – from basic science to clinics” and discuss  applications to the veterinary field, ethics and future perspectives with the technology including the use of it as anti-aging therapy. 

Watch this personal interview with Professor Poul Hyttel and his presentation on “Oocytes, embryos and pluripotent stem cells from a biomedical perspective”.

Watch this IVF Talk with Dr Marc-André Sirard discussing the influence of the mother metabolism on the epigenetic programming in oocyte and embryos including the analysis of mitochondria DNA methylation across generations.


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