Get optimal results

There is no magic wand to turn things around, though you may feel sometimes that is what is needed.

We are experienced in troubleshooting and have helped more than 75 laboratories worldwide to just improve results or actual emergency help when nothing seems to work.

Together we can fix this – and that is a promise!

What it costs:

If I come to you:

The price is 1200 € per day excl. transportation and accomodation. (minimum 3 days)

When we come to your laboratory, we observe your typical workflow, offer hands-on training and produce a detailed report on how to improve.

If we Skype or Zoom:

The price for one hour is 400 €, 2 hours is 700 €  and 3 hours is 1000 €

You get a report and a follow up Skype or Zoom after 2-3 weeks for free.

How long time do we need for the
online consultancy?

Normally you should allow at least 2 hours for the initial session.

You can write as many questions as you like as Academy Member and you get 1 hour free follow up.

Practical teaching methods, lots of world class knowledge and professional consulting in the amazing world of IVF. The success of our embryo lab is based greatly on the help from Stroebech IVF. Lotte is a wonderful person with endless passion in the field of IVF. Thank you! ❤️
Elina Mark
Embryologist / IVF Scientist at Eesti Maaülikool/Estonian University of Life Sciences

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